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About IDEAvize

At IDEAvize, we are passionate about helping people “Connect In” – building meaningful relationships and opportunities to collaborate, providing flexibility and access to great spaces, and making it easy to connect across all sectors.

When it comes to innovation, the magic happens at the intersections…

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Be a part of the IDEAvize Collaboration Revolution

Here‘s What’s Included

Various Workspaces

A curated collection of unique and interesting workspaces with an array of features and amenities as well as locations to meet your flexible needs.

Private Meeting Rooms

Find private meeting, conference rooms, training rooms, or event spaces to meet every need. Gain access to places you might not find elsewhere.

Bring Your Computer

All you need is your computer – we provide the workspace, the Wifi, and the places to plug in, plus creative, collaborative people.

Connect to Resources

You can’t go it alone – and you don’t have to. We help you connect to resources, workspaces, and future coworkers, clients or strategic partners.

High-Speed Wifi

You want to work in cool  spaces – and still stay connected. Each of our spaces give you access to high-speed wireless internet.

Choice of Amenities

Relaxation rooms, game rooms, pet-friendly, child-friendly – you can find all of these at one or more of our IDEAvize locations.


IDEAvize Your Work

You want more collaboration and connection… we plug you in. You want ideas… we inspire. You need resources… we hook you up. When you need to energize, strategize and monetize your work or your workspace… you need to IDEAvize!

IDEAvize is Your On-Demand IDEA Factory – IDEA stands for Innovative, Design thinking, Entrepreneurial Accelerator. Join our online community, our Coworx program (for personal and professional growth and connections), or our energizing Trep Tracks series (for entrepreneurs [“Treps”] and startups to explode and grow their businesses).

Want to attend, learn, and connect? With our events, collab sessions, and open coworking times at cool spaces around the city, we help you find your fit, connect in, get what you need, and get it done.

Don’t want to collaborate but still want to work in creative, cool spaces? With our partnership with IceBr8kr, it’s up to you! Don’t turn on the app alert and no one will bother you so you can keep your head down and get your work done or meet with colleagues without interruption.

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